St. Patrick's & Easter Holidays


Just a reminder that the school closes on Wednesday afternoon, 16th March and re-opens on Monday 4th April 2016 after the Easter holidays. As part of the special events of this year, the school was delighted to receive the special commemorative tricolour from the Defence Forces who visited the school last November.


Annual Golf Classic 

13th May 2016

Our 15th Annual golf classic takes place in Foxrock Golf Club on Friday, 13th May 2016. THis is our main fundraising event of the year and we look forward to another great day out. You can take part in any number of ways:

  • Submit a 4-ball team to play
  • Donate a prize, any prize, that can be used for the golf competition or raffle
  • Contribute a special item that will be included in our auction on the night
  • Buy raffle tickets - as many as you wish!

All the money raised will go towards providing the additional special services that makes The Red Door School special.

Special Education Conference

NCSENCSE Research: 25th Nov 2015

The NCSE Annual Research Conference took place on Wednesday 25th November at Croke Park Conference Centre, Dublin. 

At last year's conference, Professor Samuel Odom from USA stated that whilst no single approach works with every child, that "the ABA approach, which use a range of strategies are quite a good choice". Attended by over 300 professionals and advocates, this international expert on the treatment of autism has warned Irish parents against interventions which are marketed as “cutting edge technologies but have no basis in fact”.

“I would advise them to ask: Where the evidence is that the treatment works? Can you show me where this has been tried in a very systematic way with students of autism that they actually get better?”

Autism RibbinWhat is autism?

Autism is a developmental disorder characterised by problems with social interactions, communication and repetitive and sometimes challenging behaviours. But more broadly, autism has been defined as a "genetically influenced, environmentally triggered disease of the brain and body, and is treatable".

Autism is a perplexing lifelong developmental disorder which impairs a child's natural instinct to communicate and form relationships. The autistic child usually withdraws into a world of his or her own. The degree to which each child is affected varies, and hence the term Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), but common characteristics include:

  • Difficulty with social relationships
  • Difficulty with verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Lack of imaginative play
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Varying level of learning disability

The Red Door

The Red Door School

Department of Education : Roll No. 20381D

The Red Door School is a Special School for children with autism and complex needs. The school's Principal is Ms. Brenda Harrington, appointed to this post in September 2015. 

The Red Door was originally founded by parents in 2001 and was one of Ireland’s first schools where individual educational programs were provided under the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis. Its history shows the school expanding and moving to its current premises in Monkstown in 2009. In July 2010, The Red Door joined with 6 other Pilot ABA schools in having Autism Ireland recognised as a new Patron Body by the Department of Education. In 2011, The Red Door transitioned to Special School status. Its official Department of Education Roll Number is 20381D.