Rights & Entitlements

Rights & Entitlements

Benefits and Services

It can be very difficult to get a clear picture on what anyone’s rights and entitlements are in Ireland. But based on our own experience, we have prepared a check-list of some of your entitlements, benefits and services. The Citizens Information web-site offers a great resource and should be consulted. Welfare benefits are available from the Department of Social Protection to families and those people assessed as having a disability. There is also the entitlement to health service benefits from the Health Service Executive (HSE). The Department of Education has the responsibility for the provision of an appropriate educational service. The Middletown Centre offers training and information specific for the autism community. Your local authority looks after a number of support services, including housing.

We also refer you to the Irish Autism Action website which offers support and information to families effected by autism.

When we review these Rights & Entitlements, we should remember that the European Parliament adopted a written declaration of a "Charter of Rights for Persons with Autism".



Dept of Social Protection

 Dept of EducationMiddletown Centre Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council


Citizens Information  Irish Autism Action

Check-List and Quick links to the above sites:

Note: Some links below are subject to error due to website changes.

State Benefit or Service  Citizens InformationDocument

Irish Autism Action 

Child Benefit Social ProtectionChild Benefit icon CB 1 Form Aged to 16/18 
HSE - PublicationsHSE Health Services    
Assessment of NeedHSEAssessment of Need  Assessment 
Special Needs EducationDept of EducationGeneral Information   
Parent Training, inter aliaMiddletown    
Medical Card HSEMedical Card 

iconMC 1 Form 

Medical Card 
Domicilary Care AllowanceSocial ProtectionDCAiconDom Care 1DCA Aged up to 16 
Home Tuition Scheme Dept of EducationSpecial Needs Ed icon HT FormHome TuitionCircular 50/2010 
Home-based July Provision Dept of Education July Provision  
Disability AllowanceSocial ProtectionDisability AllowanceiconDA1 FormDisability Allowance Aged 16+ 
Housing Adaption Grant DLRCCHousingicon HGD 1HousingYour own Co.Co
Social InclusionDLRCCEducational disadvantage    

Respite Care Grant

Social ProtectionRespite icon RCG 1Respite 
Home SupportHSE  Home Support  
Carer's Allowance Social ProtectionCarer's Allowance icon SW 19Carer's Allowance  
Carers Benefit/LeaveSocial ProtectionCarers Leaveicon CarB1Carers Benefit/Leave  
Long-term Illness Scheme HSELong-term Illness  Long-term Illness  

Revenue CommissionersTax Allowances

And don't overlook the options for claiming tax refunds as well. All medical and health service related costs can be claimed on the MED1 form. Extra tax credits may be claimed, under the heading of "incapacitated child". Revenue's web-site offers good background information on this. Some people claim all receipts relating to special diets, such as GF/CF foods - and some supermarkets can facilitate in providing this receipt information.

There are more complex options including Deeds of Covenant and Trust Funds specifically addressing incapacitated persons which can offer a means of minimising tax. Professional advice should be sought if pursuing these options. 

Revenue's InformationCitizen's Information DocumentAutism Support InfoNotes 
Tax Credits Incapacitated Child

icon IT 18

Tax Credits Available  
Medical Expenses: Claim for reliefMedical Expensesicon Med 1Tax Allowances Info 
Dental Expenses: Claim for relief Dental Expenses icon Med 2   
Relief on contributions to charities icon CHY2   
Deed of Covenant Deed of Covenant icon IT 7   
Special Trust Funds Trust Fund icon s189A  

The Irish State and some of its other agencies

The above links relate to specific rights, entitlements and services that we have noted. Many other services are provided by the State, and these are the relevant links to some of those which may be of interest:

Bunreacht na hEireann: Constitution of Ireland 


Equality Authority  Equality
Ireland and EU Matters EU 
Irish Medical Council Medical Council 
National Council for Curriculum and Assessment NCCA 
National Council for Special Education NCSE 
National Disability Authority  NDA
Office for Social Inclusion  Social Inclusion
Office of the Minister for Children Ministry for Children 
Ombudsman for Children  Ombudsman
Special Education Support Service  SESS


The usual disclaimer applies to the above links and information. You need to persevere with all claims, making sure that you keep copies and notes of all dealings with officials, and don’t take the first “no” for an answer! But the first thing to do is to make sure that you have your formal ASD Assessment to hand, because copies of it are frequently required to be submitted with particular claims.

icon The documents above are Adobe PDF files. If you need to download a free reader to enable you to open these files, Acrobat Reader, click here. If you note any errors or omissions, or out-of-date information, we would appreciate your message to us to help us rectify same.