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Autism ChannelHave you seen the new Autism Channel on the web? Special interest programs appear on Sky TV (at 4:30pm Mondays - Sky TV 166, FreeSat 402). This on-line service is an extension of The Autism File - the specialist magazine which has a host of fantastic articles about diet, medicine, education and all things autism. A must read.

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  • Our schedule below was last updated 3 months ago - apologies for not adding to it in that period. We'll fix this as soon as possible.
  • Irish Independent - 07/07/2012 - State 'ignoring autism advice a year after specialist school closed


General News

Source Date & Link Headline 
Irish Times09/05/2012 Burton says no agenda against autism 
Irish Examiner07/05/2012 All five 'Dragons' agreeto invest in Special Needs App 
Irish Examiner03/04/2012 Family thrilled by President's warm welcome 
Irish Times03/04/2012 Irish artist gets UN stamp of approval 
Irish Examiner02/04/2012 Services critised on World Autism Awareness Day 
Irish Examiner02/04/2012 Time for a national autism strategy 
Irish Times 02/04/2012 Health services for people with autism poorly developed
TV302/04/2012 World Autism Day 
Mail on Sunday01/04/2012 Dragon's Den wife tells the shocking truth about raising their autistic son 
Irish Examiner01/04/2012 Autism Centre of Excellence planned for Westmeath 
Irish Times 27/03/2012 School stalemate over assistance dog in classroom 
Irish Independent 22/03/2012 Number of children with autism soars by more than 50% in 5 years 
Irish Examiner 22/03/2012 Teenage autism crusader leaves powerful legacy 
Irish Examiner 20/03/2012Harsh cuts loom for the intellectually disabled but there is a smart option
Irish Independent14/03/2012Miracle girl cheats death as gust of wind knocks her under a passing train 
Irish Examiner05/03/2012 Families of autistic children to campaign over allowance
Irish Times28/02/2012 Special needs facility opens 
Irish Times 25/02/2012 President Higgins calls for change in attitudes towards autism 
Irish Times 24/02/2012 Global innovators gather to tackle State problems 
Irish Times 10/02/2012 Mental capacity bill to be issued shortly 
Irish Times 09/02/2012 French film ban raises autism issue 
Irish Times 10/01/2012 Irish autism event to reveal research on early diagnosis 
Irish Times 13/12/2011 The positive side of autism 
Irish Times 08/12/2011 New CBT approach for children is a bonus 
Irish Independent 22/11/2011 Rise in autism 'may be linked to clever parents'
Irish Times 14/10/2011 Device tracks location of those at risk 
Irish Examiner      22/09/2011 People with autism thrive as software testers                    
Irish Independent22/09/2011 Autism: 'I have waited 4 years to get a kiss from my son ....'                
Irish Times 02/07/2011 Reilly recalls son's autism diagnosis 
Irish Times 03/03/2011 Court rules on severly disturbed patient 


SourceDate & LinkHeadline 
Dail Eireann 24/11/2011 Question re Position of ABA in Education policy 
Sunday Times 31/10/2011School in 'toilet therapy' breach 
Irish Independent 10/10/2011 Eight Autistic children still waiting for a school place after 10 weeks 
Irish Times 26/09/2011 Autism and Education, letter of reply 
Irish Times 21/09/2011 Autism and Education, letter from a parent
Sunday Times18/09/2011Backbencher rebels over autism policy 
Evening Herald 09/09/2011 Scandal of 8 children who have no school 
Irish Times 02/09/2011Autistic boy refused full-time place at school 
Sunday Independent31/07/2011 Policies? 'No money for needy' is only clear one 
Irish Times 30/07/2011Ministers accused over autistic children as specialist schools forced to close 
Irish Examiner 29/07/2011 Dublin school for children with autism to close today 
RTE News 28/07/2011 Funding shortfall closes Dublin autism school 
TV3 28/07/2011 Autism school to close 


Source Date & Link Headline 
Irish Times 07/05/2012 Major delay in assessing disabled children 
Irish Times 04/05/2012 Homeopathy and autism 
Irish Independent02/03/2012 Doctor struck off in MMR controversy has decision quashed 
Irish Times 21/02/2012 Genetics and man-made chemicals equally to blame, say researchers 
Irish Times10/11/2011 A challenge must be put to claims of false science 
Irish Times06/10/2011 Parents avoid child vaccines at their peril 
Irish Times 30/08/2011Born with a craving for alcohol 
Evening Herald 08/09/2011Dont let a conspiracy theory put your child's life at risk ...                 
Irish Times 05/08/2011The measles menace 
Daily Mail23/07/2011 MMR fears gain support 
Irish Times 10/05/2011Does it work? Can flower remedies help with autism? 
Irish Independent 22/04/2011Simple food test makes all the difference for Alicia 
Irish Examiner      29/04/2011 Study uses checklist to screen for early autism warning signs 


SourceDate & Link Headline
Irish Independent 06/09/2011Therapy camp shows way in aiding autism
Irish Times 05/07/2011 Public donations to guide dog charity fall by €1m
Irish Times 11/06/2011 Big Easy balances bigger family issues with major pursuit
Irish Times 26/04/2011 Bringing up a child with special needs
Irish Times 04/02/2011 It's not a crime for a disabled person to have a child

International Press

Source Date & Link Headline 
BBC 02/04/2012 France's autism treatment 'shame' 
The Guardian05/01/2012Andrew Wakefield sues BMJ for claiming MMR study was fraudulent
The Guardian 27/12/2011 Mother condemns Kentucky school for putting autistic son in duffel bag 
The GuardianClick hereLibrary of all of their articles on autism 
Washington Post09/10/2011Microbes may play crucial role in human health 
Washington Post24/09/2011 Autism treatment benefits could be jeopardised by health law provision 
New York Times 18/09/2011Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World 
New York Times 30/06/2011For some with autism, jobs to match their talents 

Tony Humphries : February 2012

There was a huge response to an article written by Dr. Tony Humphries in the Irish Examiner on 2nd February 2012. The list below is only a selection of the reactions to that article.

Source Date & Link Headline
Irish Independent03/03/2012 Life as a mother of a child with autism 
Irish Independent20/02/2012Mothers left out in the cold again 
Irish Examiner14/02/2012Reilly: Humphries autism comments 'outrageous'
Irish Examiner11/02/2012Psychologist Humphries shocked by reaction to his comments
Irish Examiner 08/02/2012 Don't blame parents for autism 
Irish Examiner 08/02/2012 Apologise to everyone affected by autism
Irish Examiner 07/02/2012 Autism controversy - The right to an opinion 

CBS NewsTwo little news gems 

1. Basketball hero ...

Thanks to ABA Ireland for bringing this gem of a story to our attention. It's a 2-minute feel-good story ... Check it out here! This video may cause some viewers severe smile muscle-ache and/or reach for their Kleenex.

2. An "unknown" Golf Legend ...

Moe Norman is a legend amongst top golf professionals - but how many of us know him? Moe died in 2004, but he was a unique pro golfer, with a radically different golf swing, one who shot four rounds of 59 in his career, and won dozens of events in Canada - but perhaps due to his autistic behaviours, he never made in on the American golf tour. Check out this web-site for an insight into a man with a special talent